Vegetable garden advice: 14 tips and tricks for a better garden

vegetable garden advice

Gardening is a pretty straightforward affair: you plant some seeds in some soil, and things grow. But there are always little tips and tricks that you can learn that will make it easier for you.

Vegetable garden advice can be found all over the internet, and in thousands of books; but how do you know if it’s good advice? Continue reading “Vegetable garden advice: 14 tips and tricks for a better garden”

Saving vegetable seeds, sowing resilience

mixed spice seeds

Seed saving might sound like a difficult thing to do, but it’s really not. Plants make seeds, whether we harvest them – or even notice them – or not. It’s just a plant thing to do.

So it’s no great stretch to imagine yourself plucking those seeds and putting them into a jar, is it? If you know how to grow vegetables, you know how to grow vegetable seeds. Continue reading “Saving vegetable seeds, sowing resilience”