Buy vegetable seeds online?


Seeds Now! is once again open for business. They have caught up with their orders, and are accepting new orders now (US delivery only)!

AND! There is a contest on to win a HUGE gob of seeds and seed starting pods, and more!

AND AND! They have weekly draws for super prizes!

Just ignore that stuff below. It was regarding the temporary closure of the shop, due to being swamped with business due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and people realizing that they need to have more control over their food. And that’s a good thing. : )

In my past articles, I have suggested that you can buy vegetable seeds online from Seeds Now!

I have just found out that they are not accepting orders at this time. They are swamped with orders that they are trying to fulfill,. You can sign-up to be emailed when they are once again taking orders.

And it looks like most other seed companies are in the same boat. Botanical Interests in the US is still taking orders, although they say their delivery times are a bit slower than usual.

West Coast Seeds in Canada (where I buy my seeds) is also reporting slower delivery times – up to 45 days! And I’m sure it’s the same all over.

Many local nurseries are offering online, email or phone ordering, and curbside pick-up. That way you can support a local business, without the risks of in-store shopping. I think that’s a great way to help your local economy and keep small businesses afloat during these difficult times.

Tempting as it might be to order your seeds online, the delays could put you past your local planting times. So it might be worth your while to phone your local nurseries to see if they are offering curbside pick-up, and support them with your business.

I hope everyone is staying home and staying safe.

Health, Hope & Happiness