Permaculture garden design ideas for every situation

Sweet alyssum in the garden
I love growing sweet alyssum in the garden. Besides attracting beneficial insects, it makes an excellent ground cover, and smells heavenly as I brush past it.

Permaculture is a design system, and within that system are a multitude of techniques and strategies that we can use. Which ones we use to build a garden will depend on many things: where we live, what our climate is like, what we want to grow, how much space we have, and the list goes on. Continue reading “Permaculture garden design ideas for every situation”

How to design a small garden, permaculture style: The Herb Spiral

small garden permaculture herb spiral

I think the most beautiful thing you can grow in your yard is a vegetable garden. Some people prefer well-behaved roses or hydrangea, or neatly clipped hedges, but that’s not for me. A vegetable garden can be as beautiful as the fanciest of landscape designs. And, it has the added benefit of actually being useful. Imagine that. Continue reading “How to design a small garden, permaculture style: The Herb Spiral”

Introducing my permaculture vegetable garden 2020

natural pest management for the garden
Black Turtle Bean flower in the permaculture garden
Black Turtle beans grew wonderfully in the 2019 garden. I just love their tiny purple flowers.

The permaculture vegetable garden I currently have is a much smaller endeavor than the first one I built. And while the first garden had plenty of sun, this garden has a lot of shade. The half-acre property where I live is surrounded by very tall trees, and a hill to the south, with a house on it; and there was really only one place that made sense to put the garden. Continue reading “Introducing my permaculture vegetable garden 2020”